We are a private blog and discussion forum focusing on news and updates of China without prejudice.

This blog is created in late 2019 to analyze and evaluate news and events relating to China without bias. Readers are able to evaluate news and update of China in a different angle.

This blog is self funded by blog owner without any support and donation from any officials, authorities and organization. Views and opinions are solely editors personal view and knowledge.

Information and materials sourced online are carefully evaluated and selected to reflect the truth of cases at my reach.

Anyone who is interested be part of this blog is welcome to contact us with your bibliography, topic interests and availability. We always welcome individual editors to participate and tell true story to the world.


Readers are welcome to comment and post questions here to seek answers from us or our readers.

We welcome any challenging arguments and expect debates for some controversial topics, but we will only respond to genuine and sensible arguments and comments for the purpose of finding truth only.

We object to any personal and malicious attack due to different view points.

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