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China Rockets: HJ-10 Anti-Tank Missile

HJ10 / Red Arrow 10 / AFT 10

HJ-10 Anti-Tank Missile HJ-10 (Red Arrow 10, AFT-10) is a Chinese ground-launched anti-tank missile developed by Norinco. This anti-tank missile carrier made its public debut in 2014.  At that time, it was already in service with the Chinese Armed Forces. Such anti-tank missile carriers are being produced in large...

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China Rockets: HJ-8 Anti-Tank Missile

HJ-8 / Red Arrow 8

HJ-8 Anti-Tank Missile The Red Arrow 8 (Hong Jian, HJ-8) anti-tank missile is the second-generation anti-tank missile developed by China and was finalized in 1984. The missile uses optical sighting and tracking, infrared semi-automatic guidance, and wired transmission of instructions. The control mode is a gas spoiler and a...

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China Rockets: DF-21 Mid-Range ballistic missile


Dongfeng-21 (DF-21) mid-range ground-to-surface ballistic missile, China’s second-generation medium-range ground-to-surface strategic missile developed on the basis of the Julang-1 submarine missile. Testing was successful on May 20, 1985, and finalized in 1989. Dongfeng-21 uses a two-stage solid fuel rocket engine, land base launching strategic missile. It can carry a...

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DF-17 ballistic missile debuts


China demonstrated the new DF-17 for the first time during the 70th National Day military parade. It is a ballistic missile that is said to have high defensive penetration and is hyper-sonic. Chinese military experts say it is almost impossible to be intercepted by the enemy. The DF-17 conventional...

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China Air Force: Wing Loong UAV multi-purpose drone


  The development of the Wing Loong UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) reconnaissance aircraft began in May 2005. The first flight was completed in October 2007, and the performance / mission load flight test was completed in October 2008. WingLoong-1 is a type of integrated low-altitude, long-duration, reconnaissance / strike...

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China Air Force: WZ-19E (Glede-Yuan), Dedicated Attack Helicopter


Wuzhi-19E (code: WZ-19, derived from Z-19) is an armed helicopter and reconnaissance helicopter developed, developed and manufactured by AVIC Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Company and 602 Helicopter Research Institute. It is based on the Z-9, H410A, H425, and H450 civilian helicopters. The military-derived version is named “Black Hurricane” (English: Black...

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China Air Force: H-6 Strategic Bomber


The H-6 bomber is a medium-sized jet bomber developed and produced by China in the 1950s after imitating the Soviet Tu-16 bomber. The bomber is mainly used for tactical strategic bombing, reconnaissance, anti-ship, patrol surveillance and other tasks. . It is currently the only strategic bomber in active service...

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China Air Force: Z-10 Attack Helicopter


Z-10, nicknamed Thunderbolt, is a medium-sized armed helicopter designed by the China Aviation Industry Corporation Helicopter Design and Research Institute, manufactured by Changhe Aircraft Industry Company, and equipped with the PLA Aviation Corps. The main task of the Z-10 is battlefield fire support. It has multiple mounting points and...

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China Air Force: J-20 Stealth Fighter Jet (5th Generation)


J-20, nicknamed “weilong”, NATO code name “FIRE FANG” (FIRE FANG). It is the latest generation of the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group developed for the Chinese People ’s Liberation Army (the old standard in Europe and America is the fourth generation, the new standard and the Russian standard is the...

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China Air Force: J-11 4th Generation Fighter Jet


The J-11 fighter is a heavy-duty fighter produced in China and is the fourth-generation fighter. The J-11 is Russia Su-27SK model authorized to be re-produced in China. The production line is established by Shenyang Aircraft Company. Russia supplies main parts and systems to establish production and assembly capabilities. Later,...

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China Air Force: Yun-20 (Y-20) heavy duty cargo aircraft


Yun-20 (Y-20) heavy-duty Transporter Cargo Aircraft The Yun-20 (Y-20) heavy-duty transporter cargo aircraft, code-named Kunpeng, is a new generation of heavy-duty military transporter independently developed by China. It was developed and manufactured by AVIC Xi’an Aircraft Industry Group. The aircraft refers to the aerodynamic shape and body structure of...

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Guam Killer – Dongfeng-26 missiles, The PLA Rocket Army

DF26 - Guam Killer

 “Guam Killer” – DF-26 Missiles, may change the balance of military power between China and the United States in hot spots such as the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait. The Chinese Ministry of National Defense confirmed that the Dongfeng-26 missile has been installed in the Rocket Army....

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India claims its new radar is able to detect J-20 in 100 kilometers? Vietnam Media: F-35 can also be detected

  The Fifth generation fighter jets such as Chinese J-20 and the US F-35 are known for their stealth properties. Its absence and disappearance in radar also make its defense system difficult to parry. But for the Indians, they claimed that their new radar can help the Indian Air...

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China Speed! Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center successfully completed two consecutive launch missions within 6 hours


  On December 7, China has launched two rockets of the same model at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, to send 7 satellites into predefined orbits one after the other within 6 hours. At 10:55, a KZ-1A carrier rocket carrying “Jilin-1” Ultra High Resolution 02B ​​satellite and successfully launched....

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China successfully launches “six satellites in one launch”


At 16:52 on December 7, China has successfully launched the Hezhou-2 A / B satellite and Tianyi 16/17 with the “Six Satellite in One Launch” method at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center using the KZ-1A launch rocket. The satellite and Tianqi-4 A / B satellite were launched. The satellites...

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Ultra High Resolution Jilin-1 02B satellite has been launched successfully


At 10:55 on the 7th Dec 2019, China has successfully launched the Jilin-1 Ultra High Resolution 02B satellite at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. The satellite smoothly entered the planned orbit and the mission was successfully completed.     Jilin-1 Ultra High Resolution 02B satellite is a new type...

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Chinese destroyer 055 and the US Arleigh Burke III are not at the same level


Recently, a completely new self-developed 10,000-ton destroyer was launched in China. It is generally believed that this new 10,000-ton destroyer is a Type 055 destroyer. At about the same time, the U.S. Navy announced that it had awarded Huntington Ingles a revised contract to build the first Arleigh Burke-class...

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The J-20 overestimated the rival F-22 in some technical indicators when designing


Recently, there has been more debate about the US F-22. As the first fourth-generation (new standard fifth-generation) fighter in history, the F-22 successfully combined maneuverability, agility, stealth, and avionics advantages for the first time. At the air show, the F-22 spurted out after burning flames, which was shocking. However,...

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Militarily use of domestic drones, swarm attacks are overwhelming


While large and medium-sized drones are active in the battlefield, various light drones are also increasingly joining in. Compared with large and medium-sized drones, the advantages of small multi-axis rotary drones are even more prominent. They do not require much take-off and landing ground, and can take off even...

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The Shandong carrier-based aircraft is boosted to at least 36x J-15, over 50% more than Liaoning Carrier


On December 17, 2019, it will be the date in the history of the development of the Chinese Navy, because on this day, the first domestic aircraft carrier “Shandong” was officially delivered at the Sanya military port in Hainan Province. This is a milestone event, marking the Chinese Navy...

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How China’s nuclear strike capabilities debut with 52 nuclear missiles far beyond Western speculation


In the parade for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC, the strategic missile with the Rocket Army as its core was undoubtedly the focus of attention from the outside world, and the Dongfeng-41 intercontinental missile that appeared last was undoubtedly the most powerful of the weapons...

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President of Ukrainian aviation engine giant: more than half of the shares have been sold to Chinese companies


President of Ukraine Aero Engine: Has sold shares to Chinese companies and will receive $ 250 million in investment Although the United States has repeatedly blocked, Chinese enterprises have acquired new progress in the acquisition of shares of Ukrainian aviation engine giant Motor Sich.   According to the Ukrainian...

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Chinese defense minister meets Hungarian counterpart


BEIJING, Nov. 26 (ChinaMil) — Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Wei Fenghe met here with the visiting Hungarian Defense Minister Tibor Benkő on Tuesday. Wei said that under the guidance of the leaders of the two countries, China-Hungary comprehensive strategic partnership has been continuously consolidated and deepened in...

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China’s Defensive National Defense Policy

Chinese Navy

The socialist system of China, the strategic decision to follow the path of peaceful development, the independent foreign policy of peace, and the best of cultural traditions – considering peace and harmony as fundamentals – determine that China will pursue a national defense policy that is defensive in nature....

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