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The development of the Wing Loong UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) reconnaissance aircraft began in May 2005. The first flight was completed in October 2007, and the performance / mission load flight test was completed in October 2008.

Wing Loong UAV

WingLoong-1 is a type of integrated low-altitude, long-duration, reconnaissance / strike integrated multi-purpose drone system, and it is also the first model of WingLoong series drone. WingLoong-1 was developed by AVIC. It is equipped with a piston engine and has a fully autonomous platform, a dual-purpose military and civilian drone that can perform surveillance, reconnaissance, electronic countermeasures, and ground attack tasks. It can be used for stability maintenance, counter-terrorism, and border patrols; it can also be used for disaster surveillance, atmospheric research, and Civil and scientific research fields such as meteorological observation, geological exploration and land surveying, environmental protection, pesticide spraying and forest fire prevention, anti-smuggling and smuggling.

Among similar drones in the world, Wing Loong UAV drones are at an advanced level. Its overall performance and use are similar to the Rainbow-4 drone developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and the MQ-1 Predator drone developed by General Atomic Technology Corporation of the United States, but the focus is different.

Wing Loong UAV
An Il-76 was destroyed as soon as it landed

WingLoong-1 UAV

The WingLoong-1 drone completed its first flight in October 2007. In 2009, WingLoong-1 performed its first flight show in a country other than China. WingLoong-1 successfully completed 8 performances with different payloads, which increased the international influence and attention of WingLoong UAV drones and obtained various foreign buyers in Middle East and Asia. In 2019, WingLoong UAV was engaged in Syria and successfully accomplished numbers of combat and raid missions, include shooting down Turkish drones.

Adopt normal aerodynamic layout, single-wing with large aspect ratio, V-tail, a piston engine at the rear of the fuselage, wings with flaps and flaperons, V-tails without direction / elevator, front three-point landing gear With retracting and braking functions, the body structure is made of aluminum alloy, and the radome is made of wave-transmitting composite material.

The fuselage is 9.34 meters long, has a wingspan of 14 meters, and a height of 2.7 meters. The wingspan of the Wing Loong aircraft is relatively large, so the lift is large, the induced drag is small, and the cruise lift is relatively large, and it can stay in the air for a long time.

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Wing Loong UVA not only have the ability to accurately strike enemy targets, but also can carry reconnaissance equipment to conduct long-range and long-range reconnaissance of enemy targets. The overall performance has reached the advanced level of similar types of drones in the world. According to this data, the performance of the aircraft resembles the famous “Predator” unmanned attack aircraft of the US military.

The “Predator” drone is famous for creating “beheading operations” in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is understood that although the performance of this aircraft is not inferior to that of the US Army “Predator”, the price is much lower than the other.

On the basis of the WingLoong-1, Chengfei has developed the WingLoong-1D UAV, which uses a fully composite fuselage and has been upgraded with an engine.

WingLoong-2 UAV

WingLoong-2 UAV is a hollow, long-duration, reconnaissance / strike integrated multi-purpose drone system developed on the basis of Pterosaur-1, and it is also the second model in the Pterosaur series. . Compared with Pterodactyl-1, Pterodactyl-2 has undergone comprehensive airframe expansion and aerodynamic layout optimization, and has been fitted with a Chinese-made engine with stronger thrust. The performance indicators such as practical ceiling, speed and endurance have been improved, which can be adapted to More complex use environment.

The WingLoong-2 UAV has 6 external points that can carry a total of about 480 kilograms of weapons and ammunition. In addition, it has an internal bomb bay with a load of about 200 kilograms. It can carry CCD cameras, communication reconnaissance equipment, electronic warfare equipment and other mission loads. The WingLoong-2 UAV has won the largest order in the history of the Chinese military drone industry.

Wing Loong

Official Buying Countries

China: more than 100 aircraft in active production
Egypt: 32 WingLoong-1 UAV + 32 WingLoong-1D UAV
Kazakhstan: at least 2
Nigeria: Approved purchases
Saudi Arabia: In Service since 2014
UAE: In Service since 2011
Uzbekistan: Approved purchases
Serbia: Ordered 15 in 2019

Unofficial Buying Countries

Pakistan: In a 2016 drone crash accidentally revealed that WingLoong UAV were already serving in Pakistan

Wing Loong Down
Wing Loong was shot down by ground to air missile



First flight: October 2007
R & D unit: Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute
Aerodynamic layout: straight wings
Number of engines: single

Length: 9.34 meters
Wing span: 14 meters
Height: 2.77 meters
Engine: 1 × piston engine, 100 horsepower (74.6 kW)
Takeoff weight: 1,200 kg

Maximum flight speed:  280 km / h
Maximum range: 4,000 km

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