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Yun-20 (Y-20) heavy-duty Transporter Cargo Aircraft

The Yun-20 (Y-20) heavy-duty transporter cargo aircraft, code-named Kunpeng, is a new generation of heavy-duty military transporter independently developed by China. It was developed and manufactured by AVIC Xi’an Aircraft Industry Group.


The aircraft refers to the aerodynamic shape and body structure of the Russian Il-76, and incorporates some features of the American C-17. Compared with the Il-76 in service of the Chinese Air Force, the Yun-20 engine and electronic equipment have been greatly improved, and the load has also been increased.

January 26, 2013, Yun-20 was successfully lifted off at Yanliang base, and the first flight was successfully completed. The successful first flight of the Yun-20 marked a major breakthrough for the Chinese aviation industry. China has its own large transport aircraft, which is a milestone in the construction of the strategic air force of the Chinese Air Force.


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Prior to Yun-20, the main model of Chinese transport aircraft was more than 20 Ilyushin 76 (Il-76) imported from Russia and Ukraine, which were used in high-intensity during training exercises and emergency rescue. Previously, in the event of an earthquake, in order to make up for the lack of air transportation power, the Chinese Air Force once borrowed aircraft from civil aviation and even logistics companies to transport cargo. Therefore, the Yun-20 has great significance for improving the logistics level of the Chinese Air Force.

For military purposes, the Yun-20 has a maximum load capacity of 66 tons, which can carry heavy equipment such as main battle tanks, and the maximum flight distance has also increased to 7,800 kilometers (40 tons). The new transport aircraft can not only undertake urgent domestic transportation in China, but also carry out strategic and rescue supplies for the Asian region. In addition, the Yun-20’s electronic equipment has also been greatly improved compared to the Il-76.



However, in terms of tactical applications, such as the decline in field conditions and fuel economy, the Yun-20 is still far from the mainstream American transport aircraft. Future progress depends on improved models equipped with more powerful engines and further strengthened landing gear.

Judging from the rescue and disaster relief, troop build-up, and armed force projection needs faced by the PLA, China’s demand for Yun-20 will be huge. Looking at only one air shipment batch, if you need to put a tank armored brigade, two airborne tank regiments in the main battle direction, plus 1,500 paratroopers and assault vehicles, command vehicles, and helicopters attached to paratroopers, at least It takes about 250 Yun-20 to transport.

Foreign media also speculated that the actual demand for the Yun-20 by the Chinese military is at least 300 or more. Such a large scale is enough for two aircraft manufacturers to operate at full capacity for 10 years. ads - check her out
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Yun-20 Aerial Tanker

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s Yun-20 Aerial Tanker project based on the large-to-large -20 transport aircraft has recently been confirmed. Officials have revealed that the aircraft has been developed. According to Chen Guangwen, a well-known military commentator in China, the Yun-20 Aerial Tanker carries about 70 tons of fuel for aerial refueling, which will meet the aerial refueling needs of 6 to 8 J-11 series or J-20 fighters. Chinese internet military fans praised the high-profile and said that since then the Chinese fighter jets have no fear of flying into the dark.

YUN-20 Yun-20 Aerial Tanker
Yun-20 Aerial Tanker Project


Structural features

China Yun-20 heavy-duty military transport aircraft uses traditional layout, large aspect ratio wing, front edge sweep angle of 24 degrees, cantilever T-tail, three-point landing gear, 6 wheels of main landing gear, 2 wheels of front landing gear Can be deflected by 90 degrees.



Name Yun-20 (Y-20)
Released January 26, 2013
R & D AVIC Xi’an Aircraft Corporation
Aerodynamic swept-back wings
Number of Engines 4
Flying speed subsonic
Crew 3
Length 47 meters
Span 45 meters
height 15 meters
Engine Four Russian D-30KU engines were used for the test flight, and Chinese media reports said that they may be replaced by Chinese-made turbofan engines such as CJ-1000 and WS-18
Empty Weight 100,000 kg (220,000  lbs)
Max Load 66,000 kg (145,500 lbs)
Maximum flight speed 920 km / h (495 knots)
Maximum range 7,800 km, 6,500 km @20 tons load,  4,500 km @40 tons load
Practical Ceiling
13,000 meters (42,700 feet)
Wing Load
710 kg / m² (145 lb / sqft)
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