Q: As China makes its utmost efforts to fight the pneumonia outbreak caused by the novel coronavirus, some US officials have made comments unfriendly towards China. The US Secretary of Commerce said the outbreak would help to accelerate the return of jobs to the US. Some other US officials suggested that China is not cooperating with the US. The Department of State today raised its travel advisory for China to the highest level, same as for Iraq and Afghanistan. The US Secretary of State continued to maliciously attack China’s governance system. What’s China’s response?

A: The Chinese people are making their best efforts to fight against the outbreak. The Chinese government has released information and shared data with the US and the rest of the international community in a timely, transparent and responsible manner. As the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Many countries have offered China help and support through various ways. In contrast, the US comments and actions are neither based on facts, nor helpful at this particular time. While the WHO has only just specifically advised against any travel restrictions, the US has decided to act in the opposite way. This has set a bad example. It is certainly not a gesture of goodwill.

As a Chinese saying goes, “Just as polishing refines a piece of jade, adversity makes one stronger.” The Chinese nation is dedicated to social commitment and self-discipline. We firmly believe that with the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, the enormous strength of the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the robust support from the international community, the great Chinese people will stand united against the challenge, and will prevail over the outbreak. We will overcome all difficulties that stand in our way. And we will realize the great renewal of the Chinese nation.



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