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On December 7, China has launched two rockets of the same model at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, to send 7 satellites into predefined orbits one after the other within 6 hours.

At 10:55, a KZ-1A carrier rocket carrying “Jilin-1” Ultra High Resolution 02B ​​satellite and successfully launched.

At 16:52, another KZ-1A carrier rocket blasted off, sending 6 satellites into their intended orbits.


Two space launches were made consecutively at the same launch site. This is China Speed, a new record for China’s aerospace industry, and it also marks a breakthrough for the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in its rapid launch and emergency launch capabilities.

In recent years, with the continuous increase in the density of space launches, rapid and efficient space has become a topic that modern space launch sites must face. The Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center looks forward to future launch requirements, has the courage to explore and boldly innovate, and has worked hard to optimize the organizational model and promote refined management projects. It has successfully completed major space missions such as the Long March 6 “20 Satellites in One Rocket” and China’s first maritime launch. Constantly refresh the height of China’s entry into space.

TaiYuan Satellite Launch Centre – China

“The successful completion of two satellite launch missions within 6 hours demonstrates that the Center has made breakthrough progress in building core capabilities for rapid launches such as integrated measurement, multi-satellite joint adjustment, rapid conversion, and full-process control.” Yu Zhijian, director of the center, said .

According to reports, the party committee of the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center has always taken innovation and creation as a key move to enhance its core capabilities, and constantly explored innovation in the form of space launch organizations. The traditional space launch interlocking, one-step, one-chain chain organization model has the defects of high risk and long preparation period, and it is difficult to adapt to the new requirements of multiple parallel and fast launches.

Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre

The center will scientifically divide the test, launch, measurement and control systems into modules. Linked to the digital command system, the modules are combined according to the mission requirements to realize the transition from large and comprehensive system support to small and sophisticated modular support, which greatly improves the launch efficiency. In addition, a 10G network-based network transmission platform is also set up to digitally transform the launching station, command and control platform, and various measurement and control stations to achieve full coverage of information collection, information transmission, and information analysis, and comprehensive capabilities for space launch Greatly improved.

On the 13th of last month, China launched two different types of launch rockets in 175 minutes at two space launch sites in Jiuquan and Taiyuan.

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