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At 16:52 on December 7, China has successfully launched the Hezhou-2 A / B satellite and Tianyi 16/17 with the “Six Satellite in One Launch” method at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center using the KZ-1A launch rocket. The satellite and Tianqi-4 A / B satellite were launched. The satellites entered planned orbit smoothly and the mission was successfully completed.

This is the second launch of Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center within 6 hours, setting a new record for China’s space launch.

The Hede-2 A / B satellite is the first batch of business stars of the “Skywalker” constellation. It was independently designed and developed by Beijing Hede Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd. It mainly provides global users with environmental awareness, material supervision, emergency communications enhancement, global ships and aircraft. Information collection and other services. Tianyi 16/17 satellite is a medium-resolution micro-nano remote sensing satellite independently developed by Changsha Tianyi Space Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., with comprehensive performance indicators reaching the international advanced level of similar satellites.


It is mainly used for disaster emergency monitoring, marine and maritime applications, agriculture Satellite data applications such as remote sensing services and polar environment monitoring. Tianqi-4 A / B satellite is a low-orbit IoT satellite developed and produced by Beijing Guodian Gaoke Technology Co., Ltd. After the satellite is put into orbit, it will realize 5-star networking operation, and provide global IoT data transmission and emergency services for government, industry and other users. Communication, material tracking and situational awareness services.

KZ-1A carrier rocket is a small solid carrier rocket developed by China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Co., Ltd. Aerospace Science and Technology Rocket Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Aerospace Sanjiang Group. It uses an international universal interface and mainly provides launch services for small orbit satellites. It has the characteristics of high orbit accuracy, short preparation period and low launch cost.

This is the second successful flight of the KZ-1A launch rocket on the 7th, and it is also the fifth time it has launched this year.

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