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Recently, a completely new self-developed 10,000-ton destroyer was launched in China. It is generally believed that this new 10,000-ton destroyer is a Type 055 destroyer. At about the same time, the U.S. Navy announced that it had awarded Huntington Ingles a revised contract to build the first Arleigh Burke-class Flight III guided missile destroyer for him. Brian Cassias, president of the company’s Ingols shipbuilding company, said the destroyer would be the most capable Burke-class destroyer ever built.


The newly launched Type 055 destroyer and the upcoming Burke-class Flight Ⅲ both belong to the future main destroyer models of the Chinese and American navies. The performance comparison between the two has attracted widespread attention.

In this regard, military commentator Wang Qiang told the Science and Technology Daily reporter, “055 is a new type of ship developed by our army focusing on technological development in the next 30 years. It belongs to the future, and the Burke class is a naval battle platform based on the past 30 years. With the development of technology, 055 may adopt all-electric integrated technology, which makes it possible to equip new kinetic energy weapons, but Burke III is limited by the original conditions and the future development space is limited.


From this perspective, it is difficult to prove that Burke III It is a naval warfare weapon from 055. In addition, we must also see that the positioning of the two ships in their respective navies is different, which also shows that Burke III and 055 are not on the same level. ”

Chinese Rail Gun on vessel
Chinese Rail Gun on vessel testing

The Arleigh Burke-class destroyer is the main force of the US Navy and is the first destroyer in the world to be equipped with a four-sided phased array radar. Today, the cutting-edge anti-aircraft destroyers developed by countries around the world have borrowed from Burke-class design ideas without exception. In order to adapt to the development of the times, the Burke class has continued to integrate emerging technologies, and more than 60 ships have been built and commissioned so far. This makes the Burke class still the world’s most advanced and most comprehensive destroyer, and the world’s largest number of active destroyers.

Wang Qiang introduced that according to US media reports, the Burke III project is a modernization of the current version, which will upgrade the current SPY-1 passive phased array radar to become a dual-band active phased array radar, making it more capable Advanced air defense and antimissile capabilities. The radar front will be increased from the current 3.6 meters to 4.2 meters, and the new transmitting and receiving unit materials will be replaced.

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By expanding the radar aperture and enhancing the transmitting power, the target detection capability will be increased by 30 times. This upgrade of detection capabilities will significantly increase the demand for ship-to-ship electricity. Therefore, the number of Burke III engines will be increased to four, with a total power of 10MW. In addition, the ship will also upgrade the anti-submarine system to further enhance the ship’s anti-submarine combat capabilities.

“According to the current public materials, our 055 ship has considerable advantages compared with Burke III.” Wang Qiang believes, “First of all, the advanced radar technology. The advanced phased array radar equipped by 055 itself has a diameter 4.3 than the 346A radar used by the 052 series. 4.3 The diameter of the meter is still large, and the transmitting and receiving unit is also the latest gallium nitride material, while Burke III is still in the verification stage.


At the same time, 055’s advanced integrated mast can effectively perform comprehensive RF management, avoid electromagnetic incompatibility problems, and reduce radiation Characteristics, better stealth performance, and the complex bridge of Burke III has been exposed. More importantly, the weapon system of ship 055 is more powerful. Two sets of 64 unit vertical launch systems of ship 055 are enough to kill Burke III less than 100 Vertical launch system, and the vertical unit of 055 may reach 0.85 meters in diameter and 9 meters in length, which has the ability to conduct anti-missile operations outside the atmosphere. This is beyond the reach of Burk III ’s missile with a diameter of only 0.63 meters. ”

However, an expert who asked not to be named also said that there is obviously a big gap between China and the United States in the ship system, and it cannot be made up by an advanced destroyer. In fact, in recent years, the development trend of the new type of naval vessels in China has also provided us with a good opportunity to narrow the gap with the world’s advanced navy.


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