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Egypt New Administrative Capital Zone

Egypt New Administrative Capital Zone

China Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) is constructing a 20-storey commercial area about 50 kilometers east of Cairo, Egypt’s new administrative capital, to promote Egypt’s modernization process. .

“The new administrative capital under construction is considered a milestone in the development and modernization of Egypt, and the Central Business District built by China State Construction Corporation is one of the most important projects in the new capital,” said Zhang Caicai, general manager of CSCEC. Say.

Zhang’s speech was made at a construction site after he received Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbuli and Chinese Ambassador to Egypt Liao Liqiang. He accompanied them to visit the iconic tower, which is the 20 towers currently being built in the CBD one.

“The Prime Minister of Egypt has visited the site about seven times since the construction of the Central Business District began, which shows the importance of the project to the Egyptian government,” he said.

“The Prime Minister of Egypt also witnessed the large-scale concrete pouring of the icon tower base in late February 2019. He paid close attention to the installation progress of the icon tower, and he is confident of our company’s successful completion of the project,” he said.

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The CBD project transaction was signed in January 2016 with the presence of Egyptian and Chinese leaders, and CSCEC officially launched the project in May 2018.

The general manager said: “By the second half of 2021, we will start delivering 20 buildings one by one. By 2022, we will deliver the entire project with a total construction area of ​​approximately 1.9 million square meters.”

When completed, the 385-meter, 80-story iconic tower is expected to become the tallest skyscraper in Egypt and Africa.

“In the iconic tower, we have completed 16 floors with a height of 100 meters. The construction speed of the towers has reache

d 5.5 or 6 days per floor. It is expected that by the end of 2020, the height of the tower will reach 385 meters, Zhang pointed out.

He explained that the CBD project was jointly implemented by Egypt and China.

Egypt New Administrative Capital Zone

The Chinese manager said: “We currently have about 800 Egyptian engineers, 4,000 Egyptian workers, 800 Chinese engineers and 1,000 Chinese workers working on the project.” He noted that to date, CECEP has cooperated with about 100 Egypt Local companies have cooperated.

Zhang emphasized that Egypt is one of the most important countries in China’s “Belt and Road” initiative. The initiative seeks common development through a win-win partnership and praises Egypt’s important strategic position and its political stability.

He pointed out that CSCEC had entered the Egyptian market 35 years ago, and it wanted to take advantage of the golden opportunity of economic development in Egypt to participate in Egyptian housing and economic construction.

The general manager added: “Egypt now has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for economic development, and the CBD joint project embodies China’s Belt and Road Initiative and Egypt’s Vision 2030.”

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