“Guam Killer” – DF-26 Missiles, may change the balance of military power between China and the United States in hot spots such as the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait.

DF26 - Guam Killer

The Chinese Ministry of National Defense confirmed that the Dongfeng-26 missile has been installed in the Rocket Army. Nicknamed “Guam Killer”, may change the balance of military power between China and the United States in hot spots such as the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait.

Chinese Ministry of Defense spokesman Wu Qian announced at a regular press conference yesterday that the Dongfeng-26 missile has been tested and tested and operationally tested, and has the conditions to build a system-equipped force. After the installation, it has officially entered the Rocket Army combat sequence.

He said that the Dongfeng-26 missile, as China’s new generation of medium and long-range ballistic missiles, has four characteristics:

First, it has completely independent intellectual property rights and is a weapon developed by China; Second, it has both the nuclear and wartime capabilities of the warhead, which can perform both rapid nuclear counterattacks and conventional mid-range and long-range precision strikes;

It has the ability to accurately attack important land targets and large and medium-sized ships at sea. Fourth, it integrates a number of new technologies, and has a high level of generalization, integration, and informatization.

Wu Qian finally stressed that China’s nuclear strategy for self-defense and its nuclear policy of not using nuclear weapons first have not changed.

DF26 - Guam Killer


Dongfeng-26 is China’s first conventional missile that can be fired at the U.S. military ’s Guam military facility, hence the nickname of “Guam Killer”.

Xu Ruilin, an expert on marine security at the Rajaratnam School of International Relations in Singapore, explained during an interview with Zaobao that Dongfeng-26 is a set of subgrade systems that can be easily mobilized and is part of China’s anti-access and area denial strategy.

He judged that China has Dongfeng-26, which may ostensibly change the balance of military forces between China and the United States in the hot spots in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, making the situation in these regions more complicated.


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US-designated Pacific Commander Davidson told a hearing last week that China has been able to effectively control the South China Sea and challenge US forces.

Xu Ruilin said: “Because Dongfeng-26 has both nuclear and conventional capabilities, the PLA can use its conventional power to curb US military intervention in these hot spots even if it has not yet reached the point where nuclear weapons are needed.”

In the “National Defense Strategy Report” released a few months ago, the United States emphasized the need to strengthen and refine the missile defense system. Xu Ruilin pointed out that if multiple Dongfeng-26 missiles are intensively launched into Guam, especially when used in conjunction with the Long Sword-10 cruise missile, it will be unknown whether the US military’s anti-missile protection capability is sufficient.

However, he also pointed out that the ability of Dongfeng-26 to accurately strike moving targets on the sea surface in actual combat situations remains to be tested. In addition, in some cases, US allies and partners may also participate in the confrontation. It is bound to upend the balance of military forces between China and the United States in this region.

DF26 - Guam Killer

Chinese fighters fly around Taiwan again

On the other hand, the People’s Liberation Army dispatched multiple fighter planes to fly around Taiwan again yesterday, continuing the pressure of the mainland air force and navy to demonstrate military presence in the Taiwan Straits since the beginning of this month.

According to information released by the PLA Air Force, the H-6K bomber aircraft, as well as multiple fighters, early warning aircraft (EWA), and reconnaissance aircraft, took off from multiple Air Force airports yesterday to conduct practical military training in the maritime direction, flying over the Miyako Strait and Bus Strait, and implemented “Cruising around the island” training project, “Flying around the island of the motherland”.


Wu Qian said yesterday that a series of actions recently taken by the PLA are aimed at “Taiwan independence elements” and “if the Taiwan independence forces continue to act wildly, we will take further action.”

Regarding Taiwan’s upcoming “Hanguang Military Exercise” with the mainland army as its imaginary enemy, Wu Qian said: “Embarking on ‘Taiwan independence’ is a dead end, and there is no way out for armed confrontation.”

In addition, a naval Liaoning aircraft carrier formation consisting of Liaoning ships and multiple destroyers and frigates, dozens of J-15 carrier fighters and helicopters completed the combat training in the open seas yesterday and returned to the Qingdao aircraft carrier military port. This time the Liaoning ship sailed to sea for more than 40 days, and it was also the longest time for the Liaoning ship to leave its home port.


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