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UnofficialChina - Hong Kong Riot 2019

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Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act was signed and in effective as from Nov 27, 2019. It is a United States federal law that requires the U.S. government to impose sanctions against Chinese and Hong Kong officials responsible for human rights abuses in Hong Kong.

This act is significantly intervene other countries internal affairs and sovereignty. It is typical hegemonic behavior which is unacceptable to any country. Imaging if your neighbor come to your house and teach your kids and stopping you from teaching your own kid, how do you feel?

2014 Occupy Central (Umbrella Revolution)

This act was in fact due to couple of claimed “Fight for democracy” protests. In 2014, Pan-democrats and pro-democracy activists organized “Occupy Central” or “Umbrella Revolution”  to disable traffics and transportation. Key affected areas were Admiralty, Causeway Bay and Mong Kok, those were occupied and remained closed to traffic for 77 days.


2019 Hong Kong Riot

In 2019, protests were organized again with demand for Extradition Bill withdrawal, which ended up into extremely violent riots. Rioters attacked civilians, police with fatal home made weapons, damaging government buildings and public facilities include cutting off lamp posts, smash traffic lights, also set fire to shops, subway stations, and smashed all ticketing machines and automatic gates in subway stations.

This riot was in fact an over play by rioters. The director of this riot did not plan to reach this level of violence which show the ugly face behind black masks. Civilians and police were brutally attacked by gangs in group, openly challenge the law of Hong Kong.  Even bias western media finally cannot pass their own moral bottom line and admit so-called “fighting for democracy” was in fact riot, vandalism and violence.

So-called “democracy fighters” attacked people with opposite opinions, and people who try to clear illegal road blockage to ease traffics for others. It is hard to believe pan-democrats support these violence and rioters, by eliminating different voices for democracy and freedom.

For details of the riot, please see The truth of Hong Kong Riot 2019. where there are loads of photo and video evidence, to show what these “democracy fighters” had done to Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Pro-democracy Celebrating passing the act in US

Approximately 100,000 Hong Kong Pro-democracy were gathered in Thanksgiving day celebrating the effective of Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act in the US. They hope this act will help them to fight against Chinese Government.


Conspiracy becomes explicit when that many US flags waving in Hong Kong
Conspiracy becomes explicit when that many US flags were waving in foreign city of the US – Hong Kong. A rare scene would be able to see anywhere on earth.


Many pro-democracy people in Hong Kong are ill informed. Instead of evaluating overall situation, they focus solely on democracy. Further to that, hatred to China is spreading widely in Hong Kong for ideology introduced by the West. They have ignored the importance of stability of a community which effects their daily life much greater than political system.

Only minority people in Hong Kong has political wisdom to discover what really happened in Hong Kong. Most people blindly believe that the protest and riot was really fighting for democracy before evaluating long and short of democracy.  They believe that democracy is the only way to make Hong Kong better.

This is worrisome. If people cannot tell what is good for them which they believe they do, how do they elect suitable leader to lead Hong Kong to a better tomorrow?


Does this act really help Hong Kong people?

Now, let’s get back to see if the act will help Hong Kong. This act is effective in the US only and has no jurisdiction power in Hong Kong. It is merely a black mail threatening Chinese officials and Hong Kong Government officials not to oppress rioters and law breakers.

This is seriously intervening internal affairs of China as sovereignty country of Hong Kong but has no impact in Hong Kong governance.  Chinese government will not step back in maintaining integrity of China, and stability and prosperity of Hong Kong because of this act.

Some people believe the US will step into Hong Kong and help them to fight against Hong Kong and Chinese Government. Practically, this will never happen, whether from political or military aspect.  These actions constitute “invasion” of China. Certainly the US will never want to do it for Hong Kong, or Taiwan. The US can only sanction personals who is listed as “personnel who oppress democracy”.

No only this act has no impact on Hong Kong, it makes situation even worse. When Hong Kong is staying far away from China, Hong Kong is giving away heaps of opportunities resulted from the rapid growth of China. When many SE Asian countries are active in participating One Road One Belt initiative, Hong Kong goes against the trend. Smart move or not, we will see in few years time. But, the act does not help any development in Hong Kong without doubt.

Will it help Hong Kong in universal suffrage? No. At least it won’t happen in coming decades when Hong Kong pan-democrats are not working for the interests of Hong Kong.

However, the act will encourage pro-democracy activist to be more active, more protests and riots in Hong Kong. With pan-democrats stirring up dirt, frequent anti-government and anti-china protests are expected.  How many people in Hong Kong enjoy 2019 chaos happening from time to time. Is this the Hong Kong you want to live in, frequent protests and riots.


What’s next?

It is your choice to believe the act is made for Hong Kong people. The fact is that the act is made as one of the barriers to slow down the rapid growth of China, where it is a big threat to the US international leadership position.

Now, the act has been signed and in effective. What’s next?

Economy of Hong Kong will turn better? No way

Hong Kong community and civil order will become quite and peaceful? No way

There will be no more protests and riots? No way

Will universal suffrage be implemented soon? No way

Will Hong Kong become independent to China? No way

Then what?


Brain Storming Time:

1. When many Americans are not even able to spot Hong Kong on map, why are they so keen to pass Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act?

2. The act cannot stop Hong Kong government from enforcing law and return community back to peace if chaos happened again. How do you think the act will help rioters?

3. Who would be the ultimate beneficiary of the act?