October 5, 2022
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Grave Crossed Danish National Flag

Virus Chinese Flag by Danish newspaper

Danish newspaper printed and published a modified Chinese national flag by replacing yellow stars with virus symbols. The publication resulted protest from Chinese people and Chinese Consulate General for an apology. However, Denmark official claimed that this is a tradition in Denmark, a form of freedom of speech they shall insist. Shall freedom of speech is with boundary, or freedom of speech is without bottom line of moral, respect and honor?

Virus Chinese Flag
Virus Chinese Flag

Grave Crossed Danish flag

Freedom of Speech is quite often abused by many media for irresponsible publications, stories, insults and lies. This is specially true, when it comes to events and incidents relating to China. We cannot understand when countries promoting human rights making fun on fatal disaster of other country, and discrimination of others without boundary. It is interesting to see the face of Danish people when seeing their national flag turned into something like grave cross filled Danish national flag.

It is quite certain that Danish people will not happy to see their national flag filled with grave crosses all over. Do not treat others the way you don’t like to be treated.

Grave Crossed Danish National Flag
Grave Crossed Danish National Flag

Not only it is inhumane to make fun from a fatal disaster, it shows no respect to others when insult people of particular country by messing up their national flag. That is not freedom of speech, but malicious insult to the whole targeted country.

A national flag represents a country, identity of a country. Freedom of Speech doesn’t grant the rights for people to insult others. Such behavior is not benefits but tragedy to professional media behaviors.

As professional media, they shall show respect to the truth, respect to culture of others, respect to national identity of others. Yes, making fun of others, insulting others will earn extra audiences and likes. However, this doesn’t make media to be a professional one but getting kick back.

If one want to be respected, learn to respect first.