• First, please read this academic paper for Covid-19 :
    Single-cell RNA expression profiling of ACE2, the putative receptor of Wuhan 2019-nCov

    The paper indicates the probability for infection : Asian 97%, White

  • According to question, democracy seems to be universal medicine for countries those want new life.
    Let’s look at some facts:

    China took 30 years to rise to second biggest economic entity
    China took 20 years

  • Very often the West did not try to understand Chinese and China. They usually apply western logic thinking to Chinese which caused many misunderstanding and misjudgment.
    A British journalist , Martin Jacques who

  • Sam answered a question 1 year ago

    There are already some great answers addressing details of weaker provinces in China so I am not about to repeat them again and focus on why oversea investment not being used in China’s own development to i

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    In terms of the US, killing Huawei is not wrong from the stand point of maintaining hegemony.
    Huawei is big threat to the US not in national security, but in technology competition.
    Huawei leads the US in 5G and

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    Firstly, Taiwan isn’t a country with its own sovereignty. Taiwan is an exception case that being a part of greater China but with its own government and army.

    Both Mao and Chiang agree that there is only one

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    Simple answer is that Chinese military deployment in SCS is for national security to defend attacks coming from Pacific Ocean, securing maritime trade route, and national integrity.
    South China Sea ans East China

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    At current stage, it is less likely that China Air Force could win America’s:

    Chinese main fighter jets are J10, J11/J16, J15, J20 (stealth). Apart from J20, they are 3-4th generation fighters. Comparing to F

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    Huawei wants to purchase parts from American parts. It is Trump to ban the sale. This won’t kill Huawei as Trump expected, but forced Huawei to become stronger, establishing its own supply chain. Trump turned an

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    China has been world power for years. However, China is not going with the same path as the US in terms of exercising super power.
    American interpret superpower as military, economic and technology power combined,

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    It is really up to media which side to pick, positive or negative.
    A very basic concept is that if someone entered into a home mortgage contract, and failed to pay monthly repayment because one’s income status c

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    China will not compete with any country in military. It develops military soley for defense purpose as China holds defensive military policy.
    China’s Defensive National Defense Policy | UnofficialChina.blog
    In f

  • Political System comparison

    Democracy is a political back door. China without so-called democracy system prevented the US from interfering China’s politics via this back door. This can be evidenced by HK riot b

  • Even if they have choice, many have evidenced the dangerous of democracy and would not be crazy about it.

    Typically after Tiananmen Square incidence, collapse of USSR, Arab Spring. Hong Kong riot, these woke up

  • China will not put this project on hold. Evaluate your info source. Otherwise you will believe the nuke explosion in SCS not long ago.

    China adopts Deploy + Build/test + Design in military technology development

  • OBOR (One Belt One Road, or called Belt Road Initiative – BRI) is indeed a great economic plan on earth and an ambitious economic project. Not only it promotes peace in radiated regions, but also generates

  • China-US political tension is formed by economic, military and technology elements.

    Trade deal reliefs in economic conflicts, but it doesn’t help relieving military and technology domains.

    The US refuses to

  • The China-Japan-ROK senior officials’ meeting will be held in Chengdu on December 13. Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Luo Zhaohui will chair the meeting and South Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Kim Gunn and Japanese

  • At the invitation of EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia Miro Cerar, State Councilor and Foreign

  • At the invitation of the government of the Kingdom of Lesotho, the government of the Republic of Kenya and the government of the Republic of Seychelles, State Councilor Wang Yong will pay official friendly visits

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