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While large and medium-sized drones are active in the battlefield, various light drones are also increasingly joining in. Compared with large and medium-sized drones, the advantages of small multi-axis rotary drones are even more prominent. They do not require much take-off and landing ground, and can take off even on the palm of a hand. They can combat in battlefields within a range of several kilometers or even more than 10 kilometers Reconnaissance and target indication; with the development of miniature ammunition, the attack capability of small multi-axis rotary wing drones has also been greatly enhanced. In a recent joint exercise between China and foreign forces, a new domestically produced unmanned attack aircraft has attracted outside attention.

This is an unmanned attack drone modified from a multi-axis rotary wing drone. Visually, it has two weapons, one is two automatic grenade launchers, and the other is a miniature air-to-

ground missile. Firepower configuration, this unmanned attack function can perform point-surface combined precision strike missions, and at the same time can undertake battlefield reconnaissance missions. The unmanned attack aircraft can be carried by dedicated vehicles or multiple types of combat vehicles, and the number can be single or multiple. The outside world predicts that such unmanned attack aircraft will be able to provide information support and firepower for our combined forces extend. ads - check her out
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China has become the largest drones manufacturing country. In recent years, the number of large, medium and small drones that have been independently developed has been innumerable. Especially after the breakthrough of miniature missile technology, a number of small drones have been born. Most of these small unmanned attack aircraft are developed based on multi-axis rotary wing drones. In addition to the necessary photoelectric sensing, they can also carry multiple types of air-ground weapons.

These domestic-made air-to-ground weapons range from ready-made individual weapons to modified firearms, bazookas and grenade launchers, as well as specially developed mini-munitions, which enable the precise strike distance of small unmanned attack aircraft to extend several kilometers.

When facing a large number of ground targets or strong defenses, small unmanned attack aircraft can also perform bee colony networking to carry out saturated attacks on targets with an overwhelming number of advantages; after the future AI technology matures, it can also assist small unmanned people. Attack aircraft have more autonomous control and combat capabilities.

Originally, these UAV technologies and networked combat images only appeared in movies. Now they are gradually becoming a reality, and their application prospects are very wide.

China once held a light show screen of hundreds (or more than a thousand) unmanned aircrew networks, which technically interpreted the prospect of small-scale unmanned attack aircraft bee group networking.

1300 Bungled drones performance breaks World Record
1300 Bungled drones performance breaks World Record


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