October 5, 2022
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  • 12:34 pm Wuhan lockdown has been proven to be a successful strategy to contain Coronavirus, Explained
  • 12:26 pm Is Chinese Government covering up Novel Coronavirus causing massive breakout?
  • 9:57 am China Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying’s Daily Briefing Online on February 3, 2020

Chinese President Xi JinPing and his Government has proven the success of Wuhan lockdown strategy to contain Coronavirus. From today’s figure, over 90% confirmed infection and over 95% dead toll are all in Wuhan city. Foreign dead toll is only 1 case so far. Dead toll in other nearby provinces of Hubei stays in single […]

Wuhan Lockdown 武汉封城

Wuhan Lockdown The Coronavirus broken out in Wuhan, China has alerted the world. Despite WHO excluded it from global health emergency, many countries has been preparing for stopping coronavirus from spreading out in their country. Over 14 cities surrounding Wuhan have been locked down, air, sea ports. However, currently land is not 100% sealed. People […]