China Air Force: Wing Loong UAV multi-purpose drone


  The development of the Wing Loong UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) reconnaissance aircraft began in May 2005. The first flight was completed in October 2007, and the performance / mission load flight test was completed in October 2008. WingLoong-1 is a type of integrated low-altitude, long-duration, reconnaissance / strike...

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China Air Force: H-6 Strategic Bomber


The H-6 bomber is a medium-sized jet bomber developed and produced by China in the 1950s after imitating the Soviet Tu-16 bomber. The bomber is mainly used for tactical strategic bombing, reconnaissance, anti-ship, patrol surveillance and other tasks. . It is currently the only strategic bomber in active service...

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China Air Force: J-11 4th Generation Fighter Jet


The J-11 fighter is a heavy-duty fighter produced in China and is the fourth-generation fighter. The J-11 is Russia Su-27SK model authorized to be re-produced in China. The production line is established by Shenyang Aircraft Company. Russia supplies main parts and systems to establish production and assembly capabilities. Later,...

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China Air Force: Yun-20 (Y-20) heavy duty cargo aircraft


Yun-20 (Y-20) heavy-duty Transporter Cargo Aircraft The Yun-20 (Y-20) heavy-duty transporter cargo aircraft, code-named Kunpeng, is a new generation of heavy-duty military transporter independently developed by China. It was developed and manufactured by AVIC Xi’an Aircraft Industry Group. The aircraft refers to the aerodynamic shape and body structure of...

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