China Air Force: J-20 Stealth Fighter Jet (5th Generation)


J-20, nicknamed “weilong”, NATO code name “FIRE FANG” (FIRE FANG). It is the latest generation of the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group developed for the Chinese People ’s Liberation Army (the old standard in Europe and America is the fourth generation, the new standard and the Russian standard is the...

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India claims its new radar is able to detect J-20 in 100 kilometers? Vietnam Media: F-35 can also be detected

  The Fifth generation fighter jets such as Chinese J-20 and the US F-35 are known for their stealth properties. Its absence and disappearance in radar also make its defense system difficult to parry. But for the Indians, they claimed that their new radar can help the Indian Air...

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The J-20 overestimated the rival F-22 in some technical indicators when designing


Recently, there has been more debate about the US F-22. As the first fourth-generation (new standard fifth-generation) fighter in history, the F-22 successfully combined maneuverability, agility, stealth, and avionics advantages for the first time. At the air show, the F-22 spurted out after burning flames, which was shocking. However,...

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