October 4, 2022
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Dongfeng-21 (DF-21) mid-range ground-to-surface ballistic missile, China’s second-generation medium-range ground-to-surface strategic missile developed on the basis of the Julang-1 submarine missile. Testing was successful on May 20, 1985, and finalized in 1989. Dongfeng-21 uses a two-stage solid fuel rocket engine, land base launching strategic missile. It can carry a 600 kg thermo-nuclear warhead with a […]


In the parade for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC, the strategic missile with the Rocket Army as its core was undoubtedly the focus of attention from the outside world, and the Dongfeng-41 intercontinental missile that appeared last was undoubtedly the most powerful of the weapons in the official definition . For […]