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At 10:55 on the 7th Dec 2019, China has successfully launched the Jilin-1 Ultra High Resolution 02B satellite at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. The satellite smoothly entered the planned orbit and the mission was successfully completed.


Video footage taken by Jilin High Resolution 02B


Jilin-1 Ultra High Resolution 02B satellite is a new type of optical remote sensing satellite independently developed by Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd., which has the characteristics of high resolution, as high as 0.75m resolution, large width and high speed digital transmission.

After the satellite is in orbit, it will form a network with 14 previously launched Jilin-1 Ultra High Resolution 02B satellite to provide users in the agriculture, forestry, resources, environment and other industries with richer remote sensing data and product services.


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Jilin-1 photo US military port
High Resolution Satellite Image of American Navy Dock – taken by Jilin-1 A

Kuaizhou-1 carrier rocket is a small solid carrier rocket developed by China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Co., Ltd. Aerospace Science and Technology Rocket Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Aerospace Sanjiang Group. It uses an international universal interface and mainly provides launch services for small orbit satellites. It has the characteristics of high orbit accuracy, short preparation period and low launch cost.