Wuhan Lockdown 武汉封城

Wuhan Lockdown 武汉封城

Chinese President Xi JinPing and his Government has proven the success of Wuhan lockdown strategy to contain Coronavirus.

From today’s figure, over 90% confirmed infection and over 95% dead toll are all in Wuhan city. Foreign dead toll is only 1 case so far. Dead toll in other nearby provinces of Hubei stays in single figure.

According to the current statistic, it is not difficult to interpret that by lockdown Wuhan, it is very effective in containing coronavirus from spreading to other areas. Another signal we can receive is that the fatal ratio in foreign provinces and countries are relatively low, not as some eyeball winning media articles and videos those deliberately promoting panics to attract audiences.

Some western media criticize the lockdown strategy which may breach human rights. Such claim is very nonsense and naive, with malicious purpose. It is not hard for anyone to understand the priority of containing fatal virus and human rights. Besides, Chinese government has ensured the daily products and food supplies of all cities and provinces. Further to that, government has announced punishment for deliberately raise selling price during this emergency, in order to ensure people in China can purchase daily needs at normal market prices.



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